Why I’ll Never Be Without a Business Coach

Sometimes, the biggest barrier to your law firm’s growth is you. And you know what, many of the law firm owners that I work with know this already. So why don’t we all just get the fuck out of our own way and let our business grow already?! The answer is more complicated than it […]

The Law Is Too Complex and Inaccessible

Quite simply, the law is not accessible to everyone. I recently spoke with Scale Up customer, Jane Button of Jane Button and Associates, who talked about the number of clients she sees who have an open and shut case. Too often, they’re owed money from their defendant, and too often they’re not able to obtain […]

Lawyers Don’t Pay The Bills

Is it tradition that we’re afraid of challenging? Or the air of importance that the traditionalists carry around with them that puts us off? Either way, this industry ain’t gonna change itself. We need to lean into the fear, forget about the critics and focus on the future.