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Automio Update: Two Months Into It

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Two months ago we launched the Automio smart document marketplace.

This was a massive milestone for us. Our team has experienced a big transition as we’ve gone from being a law firm to a legal technology company. Things are ticking along well so far. At last count we have 218 customers using Automio.

What people are saying

We’ve loved getting out and showing Automio to lawyers and other people keen on document automation over the last 2 months.

We’ve had positive feedback:

  • Sarah, Lawyer: “After the second attempt the authoring tool becomes like second nature, and I’ve overcome any initial trepidation about using this new software.”
  • James, Engineer: “I leaped at the chance to be an early adopter of Automio. That is because in my 30 years of involvement in software design around the world, I have never before seen an opportunity with quite so much potential to change the efficiency AND effectiveness of businesses. The support is fabulous. It’s pretty cool to think that early adopters can influence the design and feel of the product to suit their exact needs.”
  • Daniel, Manager: “I’m so impressed with the software – it’s really exciting!”

And some really good feedback on how we can improve:

  • “We need to be able to insert tables into our documents.”
  • “When will we be able to use our own firm’s style in the documents, like font, numbering etc?”
  • “I want to be able to preview and test documents created by other lawyers before I resell them so I know they’re of good quality.”

Changes we’re making

Based on customer feedback, some of the key things we’re working on right now are:

  • Document formatting: Giving our customers the ability to set their own custom formatting of documents, including fonts, numbering, colours, spacing, logos etc.
  • Tables: Giving our customers the ability to use automated tables in their documents.
  • Interactive tutorial: Providing an interactive tutorial on our website so that new customers and website visitors can do a quick, easy tutorial to learn how to use our automation tools.

Coming up

Here’s some other cool stuff we’re working on:

  • Know Your Client:  With FATCA and the looming anti-money laundering legislation for lawyers, there’s a bunch of new compliance requirements that law firms need to deal with. So we’re working away on automating the process of collecting the necessary information from law firm clients in order to help lawyers with their FATCA and AML compliance.
  • Case studies:  We’re working with a bunch of our customers on a series of case studies about using Automio. There are a number of different ways our customers are using Automio, so it will be fantastic to let other customers inspire you about using our document automation with these real life examples.

We’re in Sydney later this month for the Legal Innovation Index 2017 Awards. I’m very humbled and honoured to have been named as a finalist in the individual award for my work with Automio. We’ll also be at the ALPMA Summit in Brisbane and the Devil’s Own Golf Tournament in September, and the Future Firm Forum in Queenstown in October. If you’d like us to come and visit you to talk about Automio while we’re in any of these locations please give me a shout.

We’re also planning a roadshow in NZ so we’ll soon be coming to a town near you – we’ll provide more deets about this in due course.


We closed our second capital raising round at the end of June 2017. I’m stoked to report we raised a further $624,000. So in total we’ve raised $1.224 million in investment for Automio.

Shout out time

It really does feel like we’ve got a great group of people supporting us and cheering us on as we take our product to market. This is so motivating to us so thanks for your support. A huge thanks to our 218 customers who have come on board so far. Your thoughtful feedback has been invaluable to us in improving our product.

If you’re one of our customers we’d love to hear your feedback – please email us at [email protected]. If you’re keen to come on board as a customer please sign up on our website or schedule a free online demo here.

Stay classy,


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