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Becoming a Subject Matter Expert

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Sometimes, you don’t need to look far to find your niche.

A lot of my most successful customers lean into what they know best when it comes to finding their service niche and ideal client, and that has served them so well. Like law firm owner Kristen Porter from O*NO Legal, who grew up in the real estate industry. Her first job was delivering real estate leaflets in her local neighbourhood! She speaks ‘real estate’, and now she serves real estate, by helping agents create legally unbreakable agencies.

When you narrow your focus by sticking to what you know best, you’re more likely to succeed, because you’re a subject matter expert. It’s easier to position yourself as a thought leader, and build trust and credibility with your ideal clients.

When you understand the world in which your clients operate, it’s infinitely simpler to curate an experience that speaks directly to those clients. Your marketing, strategy and operational practice can be designed to serve the needs of those clients.

When your network is interwoven with those of your ideal clients, it’s easier to gain referrals, build your cred and position yourself as a subject matter expert amongst those who are meaningful to the success of your firm.

Yes, it is possible to learn about a niche and still be really successful, but you’ll be steps ahead if you know your people and their world already.

O*NO Legal is on track to hit the 7 figure goal in half the time Kristen expected it to take. The turning point for the firm happened when Kristen made the decision to be coachable, embraced her niche and transformed her law firm to cater to the needs of her ideal clients. The decision was a conscious choice, based on what she knew best.

If you’re at a crossroads in your journey to finding your niche, think about it – what do you know? Who do you know? What makes you a subject matter expert? And if you’re still troubled by the fear of missing out on business by going niche? You need to talk to us.

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