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How Law Firms Can Get Going With Intelligent Automation In Under 2 Weeks

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Lawyers are often concerned about how long it takes to successfully start using automation at their firm.

Lawyers are so busy with everything else that implementing intelligent automation at their firm seems too ‘hard basket’.

As a result, some firms that have really good use cases for automation are putting it off. The trouble with this is that their competitors down the road are already using it to gain efficiency and get a competitive edge.

The good news is it doesn’t take long for law firms to get going with automation. Firms can now get going with their own lawyer bots in less than two weeks. There are two options:

  • Get your own lawyer bot built: this option takes less than two weeks – all you need to do is provide the advice, contract or document you want automated.
  • Use someone else’s lawyer bot: this option can take less than a day – all you need to do is try out the lawyer bots available and say which ones you want to use. 

Brisbane Family Law Centre

“The process to get our lawyer bots built was simple and the team helped us to achieve a great result! I was super impressed with how quick the whole process was.”

– Freya Gardon, Brisbane Family Law Centre 

We recently partnered with Brisbane Family Law Centre to build them two lawyer bots – one for a Parenting Plan and one for a Settlement Strategy. Both of these lawyer bots were built and delivered to Brisbane Family Law Centre within 2 weeks.

After the bots were built, we worked with Brisbane Family Law Centre to make sure they were happy with the bots, quickly making any changes they needed. We received feedback from the Brisbane Family Law Centre team that this process was seamless.

Now, Brisbane Family Law Centre is using the beautiful, easy-to-use automation tool to build their own lawyer bots.

Freya Gardon, lawyer at Brisbane Family Law Centre, says “It’s an amazing program – I just put in my answers and the document was created!”

Clarissa Rayward, the director at Brisbane Family Law Centre, tweeted about her Automio experience:

Keen to see it for yourself?

We’d love to show you our intelligent bot platform and how it can help you make your law firm more efficient, so you can save time, impress clients and earn more. Book an online 20 minute demo with our friendly team here.

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