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How Much Revenue Has Your Law Firm Made This Quarter?

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The first quarter of 2019 is done and dusted.

How did your law firm perform? Do you feel happy about it? Or frustrated?

Maybe you’ve already started implementing changes in your law firm like selling your legal solutions online, offering different service models, or committing to only doing work you’re excited about. Maybe you nailed your 1st quarter revenue goals, and you’re building a law firm practice that supports your vision and values.

Or maybe those are the things you wanted to do in your law firm this quarter but (insert reason here) you haven’t done. Perhaps your focus is already on this next quarter and how amazing that’s going to be.

Savvy lawyers love quarterly reviews. Why? Because getting clear on what was actually accomplished helps us get realigned on what we should focus on over the next three months.

Do the Savvy Lawyers Quarterly Review here. It will help you reflect on how your law firm’s brand, business model and back-end have served you. Don’t worry – we won’t be looking at your answers and the answers you provide will be kept confidential. This Quarterly Review is purely just for you to help you work out what areas of your business you can focus on in Q2.

Start the Quarterly Review

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