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No wonder lawyers are stressed – here’s the REAL reason why

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Can we talk about your hectic lawyer life for a sec?

If you’re like most entrepreneurial lawyers I work with, chances are you:

1. Feel stressed and overwhelmed
2. Overcomplicate how you run your firm

Truth is, if you’re feeling like you have no time to work on your ambitious law firm goals, it’s because your law firm is way too complicated.

Why are law firms complicated?

Most law firms offer a range of legal services. Even law firms that specialise in one practice area offer a range of legal services within that practice area.

For every legal service your law firm offers, you have a marketing system, a sales system and a delivery system:

  • marketing system is the process you use to get people interested in buying your legal services.
  • sales system is the process you use to convert people interested in buying your legal services into paying clients.
  • delivery system is the process you use to deliver the legal services your clients pay for.

This is what your law firm looks like when you offer one legal service:

So, when you offer many different legal services, your law firm looks like this:

Keeping on top of a different marketing, sales and delivery system for every legal service you offer adds so much complexity to your law firm. And your life.

The result? Stress, overwhelm, busy-ness and no time to work on your ambitious law firm goals. Which is lame.

How do you reduce stress and overwhelm?

To reduce stress and overwhelm you need to cut through the complexity of your firm by implementing the Power of One Pyramid. Here’s what it looks like: 

The key to the Power of One Pyramid is FOCUS. Here’s how it works:

1. One ideal client

First, you need to focus on one type of ideal client, not 9 ideal clients. I’m talking about niching: one kind of person with one kind of problem you can make one promise to.

Once you know your ideal client, you can solve their one specific problem with one simple legal solution. 

3. One traffic source

Next, you need one traffic source to send your ideal clients to your firm’s website. You might choose free traffic (content marketing), paid traffic (ads), or partnerships. The main thing is that there’s one traffic source, not 3. 

4. One conversion tool

You need one system to convert potential clients into paying clients. It could be a free consultation, a phone call, a strategy session, a landing page, an event, an email sequence or a webinar. Pick one, not 5.

5. One year  

And finally, you’re going to focus on this for one 12-month period. Why? Often it takes time and some iteration to achieve results, and often people give up too easily. Or start complicating things by adding extra conversion tools and ideal clients to the mix, instead of focusing on “the ones” only for one year.

Think about the opposite for a moment

Let’s say you have 7 target markets, and 12 legal services, and you’re trying to sell with 1-on-1 consultations and occasional seminars, while trying to manage 5 traffic sources. What are the chances of making all that work to achieve your ambitious law firm growth goals? Pretty much zero.

So pick one target market that you love, one that can actually pay and that you can actually help. You’ll find that growing the law firm you want is more about pruning back, not doing more.

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