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The Friendly Faces of Customer Success

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With Automio’s continuing expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand, we reckon it’s time to introduce you to our super-friendly customer success team.

The fabulous frontliners who help solve your Automio queries are Olivia, Tim, Morgan, Namrata, Janice, and Michelle.

With so many of our customers wanting us to do bot building for them, getting your lawyer bots built has become a full-time role for a number of customer success team members. The rest of the team have got their hands full with queries relating to DIY bot building, selling legal documents online, using lawyer bots on your own websites, automation strategy and so on.

With more and more of our customers getting their lawyer bots online, Olivia Wensley has moved into the Growth and Innovation Specialist role to look after these customers. Tim Darbyshire has moved into the Customer Success Manager role to get our customers on-boarded and successfully using their lawyer bots.

You can read more about our team here.

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