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There’s a new iconic duo. Global Legal Solutions and Automio.

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Global Legal Solutions (GLS) is an international legal industry disrupter. The GLS team is committed to removing time and cost as barriers to any business globally seeking sustainable access to business enabling support. They’ve got offices in far flung corners of the globe, while Firmsy is based in New Zealand but with a global reach. Firmsy is a software-as-a-service automation platform for law firms and other professional services businesses. Together they’re taking Automio global.

GLS invests in Automio

GLS has recently taken an equity share in Automio – that’s how much confidence they have in what Automio does – and the two companies will be working together on a range of products designed for international deployment in the legal disruption space.

After extensive trials of all major legal automation solutions, which included a period of developing its own internal solution, GLS found Automio. Originally they came on-board as a customer but it became apparent that Automio offered more than just a software solution – GLS had found a technical partner with a shared vision of what the future of law could look like.  

GLS is in a race to become the preeminent “marketplace” for practical, cost-efficient and high quality legal solutions. Automio offered GLS an automation platform that not only improved some of its existing solutions, but could bring to life some of its bolder plans to truly disrupt the legal industry by making world class legal support available to anyone that needs it. GLS operates a fund for investment into enabling legal technologies and the investment into Automio swiftly followed.

International SME store

First off, GLS is going to be launching an international SME store that gives SMEs access to the same quality of legal support that given to major multi-national corporations, but for around 5% of the cost. Having already notched up a Financial Times  nomination for offering the most Innovative Legal Service Delivery Model in Asia Pacific 2018 – GLS, using Automio, will take to the world something that has never existed – genuinely affordable business enabling legal support.

GLS Total Legal Support™ will provide each client with 24/7/365 access to a fully automated legal library comprising essential (but world-class) precedents and checklists, a dedicated Legal Affairs Director,  an “always on” support hotline for real time queries, and access to the capacity of an international team of world class advisors. For a single monthly fee that would be less than what most people might spend on Starbucks, around 80% of a SME’s legal needs can be met.   

GLS Total Legal Support™ will be available in multiple languages and anywhere you can get online. Legal bots built by and with Automio will be powering business activity all around the world, regardless of language. This is something that Automio has been aspiring to do since launch and comes hot on the heels of it being named by Forbes as one of the 60 tech start-ups led by women that are shaking up the world.

Automio and GLS are also pairing up to help inhouse legal teams to provide legal bots to automate their repetitive processes. The disruptive impact of this will mean inhouse lawyers will have more time, capacity and budget to focus on adding strategic value to their business.  

Matt Glynn from GLS said he was pretty excited about the new partnership:

“Much is being said about the role of legal tech but unfortunately most of it is centred on how it can be used by law firms to increase profitability.  As legal industry disruptors – we have an entirely different view.

We are using tech to tear down the barriers that keep 97% of all businesses around the world from accessing the legal support they need. With Automio, the tech creates the base solution at almost nil cost so that lawyers can remain focussed on what they should be doing – lawyering. By combining Automio with our world-class talent, we have brought legal support costs for many SMEs down by as much as 95%.

It sounds too good to be true for a lot of people – so to help people get their heads around it we will shortly be launching a free contract automation experience in the English, Italian, Indonesian and Russian languages.”

Claudia King, founder of Automio, believes this partnership will mean great things for both Automio and GLS:

“GLS is not only one of the world’s most disruptive law firms, but they deeply believe in our vision of making high quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere. It’s awesome to be working together to roll out Automio internationally for positive change, and to make the lives of lawyers and their clients easier”.

We’ll be announcing more as this progresses but suffice to say both GLS and Automio are feeling good about what their combined offering means for global business.

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