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Why every lawyer should be a millionaire

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Let’s get this straight – ambition, success and seven-figures are NOT dirty words.

Quite the opposite. They are prerequisites for having the kind of world-changing impact that ultimately drives entrepreneurial lawyers like you. 

Yes we can measure success in an array of ways, but in this post I’m talking about how our ability to make a real, satisfying difference in this world is tied to the big bucks – basically why you NEED to be a millionaire. 

It’s not a pipe-dream. It’s completely doable. And it’s necessary.

Lawyers may be idealists, but you’re also pragmatists. We know money makes the world go round. As millionaires we can donate to the things we want to elevate. Back the political candidates we want to support. Create the lives we want for ourselves, without depending on anyone else. Money gives us choices. Money solves problems. Money buys autonomy. Anything that you want.

Think back to why you got into law in the first place. I bet you were like me. Idealistic, ambitious, certain that you could affect meaningful change. 

As smart, driven people, lawyers can’t be happy if we’re wasting our talents. I lost my way there for a few years, but today I absolutely believe that I can make a difference. One of the ways I’m gonna do that is empower more and more lawyers to make lots and lots of money. So they can help lots and lots of people. 

Imagine an army of us lawyers out there shaking things up, affecting change for the better, having a massive impact on the world (and experiencing all the good things a million-dollar bank balance buys). 

Lawyers think big. Millionaires think bigger.

Don’t get me wrong. You’re probably already using your talents to make a difference. What I’m talking about is upping the scale. 

Before I started selling an Online Legal Solution at my firm, I was helping people. But I was doing it one person at a time. It wasn’t enough. Creating an Online Legal Solution increased my scale. Instead of helping 40 people or 400 people, I could help 4,000. Better. 

I made seven figures so that you could too.

Hitting my seven figure milestone gave me the confidence and cash to set up Automio. Here’s where my success is tied to yours. Every time I help a lawyer think bigger and become a millionaire, they really start making a difference and thousands of people are helped. The amount of impact we’re both having expands. 

So what are you going to do when you make a million dollars? How are you going to combine your professional skills (the things you’ve learnt throughout your career) with your personal strengths (the stuff that makes you awesome) and the freedom of a seven-figure bank balance to make a difference? 

I believe that all lawyers should not only WANT to be millionaires, but they should also be armed with everything I’ve learned about scaling law firms. I can show you how I stopped playing it small, running around frantically doing work that was in fact stopping me from reaching that million-dollar milestone. Once you reach it, you’ll be able to help people like you were never able to before, and we will both have the satisfaction of knowing that we’re having a real impact.

Whenever you’re ready, here are two ways my team and I can help you scale your law firm this year:

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2. Work with me and my team privately. If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take your law firm to 7 figures by creating an Online Legal Solution, use this link to book a Scale Session – tell me a little about your law firm and what you’d like to achieve, and I’ll get you all the details. 

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