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Why Finding Your Niche Is The Best Thing I Teach

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I don’t know if I stand by any piece of business advice more staunchly – finding your niche is the BEST thing you can do for your law firm.

Narrowing your service offering to meet the needs and expectations of your ideal client gives your business strategy absolute clarity, guiding your decisions and narrowing your focus so you can nail the specialist area that you actually love working in.

It is SO common for law firm owners to spend sleepless nights worrying about the business they’ll miss out on by specialising in a specific area of law, for a specific type of client. What they consider less is the business they’re missing out on by offering a generic legal service in a sea of same-same legal service providers.

Think about it this way – imagine you’re in a room full of total strangers. None of them look like you, talk like you or act like you. Who will you talk to? How will you decide who to walk up to and offer your hand (or elbow, let’s be real). It’s daunting, because you have no idea if any of them have anything in common with you; if they’ll be easy to talk to; if they’ll be able to help.

This is what it’s like for clients who need legal services, and are going at it for the first time. If they see a service provider in that ’room’ full of strangers who tells them exactly how they can help, in their own language, their decision is easy. It’s comfortable, reassuring, hell it’s even pleasurable finding a lawyer!

If they see a law firm that ‘looks’ like them, offering legal services seemingly designed for them, delivered in a way that makes sense to them, now that’s worth talking about!

All of this is made possible when you niche your product and identify your ideal client. When you know what you’re selling and who you’re selling to, you can make decisions that reflect their needs. You can get under the skin of your ideal client, talking directly to them, because you know intimately who they are and what they need from you.

And those decisions? They are SO easy to make. Product, marketing and operational decisions become second nature when you know exactly who you’re making those decisions for. You’re able to streamline your processes, empower your team and boost the ROI of your marketing efforts, just by narrowing your focus and letting your niche guide your business decisions.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll also start enjoying running your law firm, because you’re focusing only on the work that brings you joy, and working only with the clients you love.

I cannot stress this enough – finding your niche is the BEST thing you can do for your law firm.

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