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Why I’ll Never Be Without a Business Coach

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Sometimes, the biggest barrier to your law firm’s growth is you.

And you know what, many of the law firm owners that I work with know this already. So why don’t we all just get the fuck out of our own way and let our business grow already?!

The answer is more complicated than it seems. You see, the trouble that we’re up against is that it’s actually really difficult to identify in yourself the traits, habits and practices that are holding your law firm back. Without an external perspective on how you’re impacting your team and the growth of your business, it’s super hard to understand where you’re going wrong.

This is where a business coach can add exceptional value. By working with an independent advisor and listening, I mean really listening, to their observations and recommendations,  you’ve got what you need to break down the internal growth barrier you’ve set up for yourself. But the trick is, you’ve got to be up for it.

Too often, business coaching fails not because the advice and guidance are off key, but because the business leader isn’t yet ready to hear the message, and getting to that point isn’t always something you can fast track. But you can help yourself along by being totally receptive to the advice and recommendations of a business coach, and being willing to try

I’ve used some exceptional business coaches in my time as a law firm owner and a legal entrepreneur, and now I’ll never be without one. I haven’t always been ready to hear what they’ve told me, but I’ve made a point of being receptive to their message. And you know what, 9 times out of 10, what they’ve said has made absolute sense in time.

Yes, it’s important to find a coach that works for you and yes, you’ll probably find a few that just don’t click. You’ll also need to accept that your needs in a business coach will change over time, and you’ll want to change who you’re working with as your law firm evolves.  

But if you recognise, like many other successful law firm owners, that you’re the biggest barrier to growth for your law firm, it’s worth investing the time and energy into finding a business coach to break down where you’re going wrong and how to shake things up, fast. 

Be open, be brave and be fierce. Your law firm depends on you.

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