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Our Story

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Claudia King, Founder and CEO of Firmsy, was once an entrepreneurial law firm owner, hell-bent on doing things in a different way. Billable hours sucked, and she wanted to build a million dollar law firm in a way that didn’t sacrifice her life and lifestyle.

She tried every legal automation software out there – they were all too complex, and she didn’t know how to use them to build revenue. So, she built her own – software and growth strategy included. And years later, she had her million dollar law firm.

“I launched Firmsy in 2017 (as Automio), and since then I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurial law firm owners just like me build their dream law firm. My goal is to get to a million – will you be one of them?”

Trailblazers of legal automation software

We dream of a world where lawyers love their work, clients love their lawyers, and lawyers love collaborating with each other

Be one of the one million lawyers we aim to help build their dream law firm, so together we can revolutionise the industry.

We're a team of renegades who always find a way.

Claudia King

CEO and Founder

Zac Bingham

Chief Operating Officer

George Zenon


Mike Mullins

Business Development Manager

Tommy Jachimski

Business Development Specialist

Claude Grignon-Galpin

Head of Product

Morgan Kane

Junior Product Manager

Maria Vosper-Rink


Fleur Lonsdale

Customer Success Manager

Sarah McSweeny

Customer Success Assistant

Natalie Lok

Technical customer support cooRdinator

Bec Middleton

Online Automation Support Coordinator

Janice Fieldes

Accounts and Administration

Our Core Values


Everything we design and create is dripping with goodness.


We are true to ourselves and feel connected to our people.


We are renegades who always find a way.


We each have the power to say, think and do what we believe is right.

We're fiercely committed to helping entrepreneurial lawyers reinvent the way they work.