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Lawyers Don’t Pay The Bills

Is it tradition that we’re afraid of challenging? Or the air of importance that the traditionalists carry around with them that puts us off? Either way, this industry ain’t gonna change itself. We need to lean into the fear, forget about the critics and focus on the future.

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Productivity Tip

One of the challenges law firm owners have in growing their firms, is finding the time to work on their business.

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Use Your Money To Buy Time

wyers are not good at investing in the help they need. If entrepreneurial lawyers spent more of their hard-earned money on getting help (or buying their way out of negative experiences) they will:

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Stop Hiding

So how much of a role does luck play in determining success? What about self-confidence? 

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How to make a promise to your ideal clients

In my latest vid I’m sharing the secret of creating a powerful, valuable brand that will win you new, ideal clients and let you scale your law firm to seven figures. Not bad for a 6 minute watch, right? 

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Planning for 2020

Last week we had the most amazing and productive 2-day strategic planning session – and now the team and I are back and ready to smash out the 2020 goals we set.

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Multi-language Bots with Automio

We have recently completed an exciting project for a law firm customer that involved creating a Will Bot in several languages – English, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Punjabi.

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Automio Turns 1

We launched Automio a year ago with a vision to make quality legal help available to everyone, everywhere.

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