3 Game-Changing Ways To Serve Clients Faster Online

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Our new API is here.

It lets you send the interview answers that your legal bot collects into other software or processes. Create, connect and evolve your firm so you can spend more time on what matters most.

Here are 3 ways you can serve your clients faster online today:

1. Add client data to your CRM 
Take the information your clients enter into the interview, and use it to automatically update your CRM or Practice Management Software so your client file is always up to date. No more double handling.

2. Customised Emails 
Send custom emails based on questions in the interview – like when your bot identifies another legal issue you might be able to help with, or when you want to personalise your client’s engagement with you.

3. Fill PDF forms
A powerful add-on that allows you to not only create a Word document, but also use the interview data to fill PDFs – you can finally automate those tedious court forms!

What is an API?

When an interview is completed the API allows you to send the interview answers to a software that can automate it into your firm’s workflow.

We use Zapier for most of our API based automations as it allows for simple connections between two software products.

Keen to learn more? We can either create these connections for you, or our helpful team can help someone in your team do it. Contact us now.

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