30 Ways We Love Our Customers

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We’ve spent the last few months focusing on a number of things that we call customer love.

These are little enhancements (or not so little) that have been requested by our customers to make Automio better.

Last week we released 30 of these enhancements in a large release we named “Majestic Zebra” (because it has our new “Stripe” payment system): 

Stripe Ecommerce

  1. Sell in your currency
  2. Resell in any currency
  3. Manage your own Credit Cards
  4. Automated Recurring Subscription Payments
  5. Automated weekly Payouts to your bank
  6. No redirects away from Automio during payment
  7. Dashboard for Business Team


8. Easy to use, just 3 new Point types with handy visual options

9. Loop in a Pack to make many tables or many rows or cells within a single table

10. Include a table, row, or alternate versions of a cell dynamically based on interview

11. Use tokens, formatting, vertical and horizontal alignment within any Cell

12. Customise the background and text colours down to the Cell with easy inheritance

13. Customise cell margins, table widths, table alignment

14. Use tables without borders to create infinite layout possibilities

Bullet Points

15. Use bullet points with proper consistent indents

Expansion of Roles

16. New Author role allows you to nominate only certain members of your Organisation to Edit your Bots

17. Member role now only consumes Interviews, generates Documents, and accesses History

18. Owner role can access Billing

New Workflows

19. Withhold Output when you don’t want the Interviewee to get instant access to the document after finishing their interview.

20. Withhold Notifications when you don’t want the interviewee to get any emails from Automio

21. Invoices included with Output as attachments to Seller Notification email

22. Automatically display purchase dialogue

23. Completion email to Seller now has Reply-To the Interviewee for convenient follow up

Editor Improvement

24. Import tool – paste the text content of the document in to generate all the Points

Interview Improvement

25. Links open in new Tabs

History Tab Improvement

26. History keeps order of creation rather than resumption of Interviews

Marketing Site Content Improvements

27. Customisation of colour scheme

28. Layout improvements

29. Nicer Buttons

30. New Section Types

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