5 Lawyer Bots You Can Try Now

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Lawyer Bots are providing legal help and access to justice to the masses.

We’ve put together a lineup of the best and brightest Lawyer Bots in legal tech land that you can try right now.

First, a couple of definitions for you:

  • A bot is software that performs automated tasks over the internet, like setting an alarm or searching online. When people think of bots they often think of chat bots, but this is just one type of bot. You are using a bot when you order a pizza online without talking to a human. One of the most famous bots is Siri.
  • A Lawyer Bot is software that does automated tasks usually carried out by lawyers. Lawyers can use Lawyer Bots to speed up their work and provide a better client experience by letting clients serve themselves online.

Here are 5 Lawyer Bots you can try out for yourself:

1. DoNotPay

Stuck with an unfair parking ticket? Instead of forking out hundreds of dollars, tech-savvy users in the United Kingdom are turning to a legal chatbot called DoNotPay to dispute their parking tickets. 

DoNotPay is an app which uses Artificial Intelligence – specifically an algorithm which deciphers everyday language. In April, DoNotPay released data showing its software had helped people overturn 160,000 of 250,000 parking tickets since launch — a success rate of 64%. Not too shabby.

The beauty of machine learning means that software like DoNotPay only get more sophisticated with time. The more information the software sees, the better it can correct past mistakes, ultimately becoming a more helpful service.

2. Robot Lawyer Lisa

Coming in at number 2 is Robot Lawyer LISA (Legal Intelligence Support Assistant) – the world’s first impartial Artificial Intelligence (AI) lawyer. LISA’s first product is a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which eliminates the need to use lawyers during the negotiation process by starting in the middle ground between both parties.

A two way AI app that can be accessed from a computer or smartphone,  LISA asks a series of questions to the initiator. The document is created and sent to the reviewer. The reviewer uses LISA to make any changes. Once everyone is happy, the document is ready to be signed and you have a legally binding NDA.

LISA has also recently branched out into property tools, such as drafting commercial and business and residential leases.

Click here to use LISA to create a free NDA.

3. Ross

ROSS uses the supercomputing power of IBM Watson to comb through huge batches of data and, over time, learn how to best serve its users. The software can sort through something in a matter of seconds that would normally takes a human hours upon hours to review.

One of the first places to use ROSS was the law firm BakerHostetler, where the software handles bankruptcy cases. Employees enter commands into the software in everyday language, like when they need to find examples of precedence for specific cases. ROSS then searches through its legal database to produce the relevant information.

In the event a new court decision emerges in the dead of night, ROSS can even send alerts in real-time – without having to pay juniors over-time.

You can get started with ROSS by filling out this form.

4. BillyBot

Need a barrister or mediator for your legal problem? Don’t know where to start? Meet Billy Bot. Described as ‘a cheekie chappie who loves to chat’, Billy Bot is a junior clerk robot who is programmed to help you find the right barrister or mediator for your legal problem.

Billy Bot will do the work of a traditional barristers’ clerk and also provide basic legal information to online users. Named after the clerk in the TV series Silk, the ultimate aim is for the chatbot to point users to free online legal resources and help them decide whether they need legal help and then, if they do, find them a lawyer – either a solicitor or direct access barrister – make appointments and deal with all the tasks a human clerk would.

Jump on Billy Bot’s website now to have a chat with him.

5. Automio

Want your very own Lawyer Bot? Well now you can get one for your law firm or inhouse team. With Automio, lawyers can use their very own lawyer bot to interview clients and create instant, customised advice, contracts and legal documents.

Automio’s lawyer bot technology reduces the time lawyers spend on the repetitive and lower value work. Clients of law firms are stoked to be able to serve themselves online and get instant legal documents.

You can build your Lawyer Bot yourself, or Automio’s bot building team can build your Lawyer Bot for you.

Automio has a Marketplace where lawyers can create, buy, sell and resell Lawyer Bots. The beauty of this is lawyers are able to create new revenue streams that don’t involve billing time.

You can try Automio’s free NDA bot here. And remember, you can easily build a Lawyer Bot just like this one yourself.

Have fun playing with these Lawyer Bots!!

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