8 Updates That Will Make Your Legal Documents Beautiful

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Create beautiful legal documents with our improved document creator

(the bit that creates the Word document). Use more features from Word than ever before to ensure your documents look amazing for your clients.

Here are 8 of the updates ready to make your documents look better:

1. Background Image

Use a background image (or watermark) to ensure your brand is correctly represented in your documents. Edge-to-edge images can now be added to every page.

2. Cover Page

Create a custom cover page with its own unique style settings, separate from the rest of the document. Whether you need it for the courts, to read in your file system or to delight your customers with a designer cover, you can now get it set up within minutes.

3. Custom Numbering Format

Your numbering system does not need to change. Create a custom numbering system so each level is just as you like it and uniform with all documents created by your firm.

4. Table of Contents

Allow your clients to navigate themselves by adding a Table of Contents anywhere in your document. It’s as simple as adding one point to your bot.

5. Font and Font Sizes

The font possibilities are endless – you can now use any font or font-size in your output documents. Keeping your style consistent has never been easier.

6. Keep with Next

Generate consistent documents that you can trust no matter what the input. Use ‘Keep with Next’ to ensure your headers stay with their paragraphs, just like creating the document internally.

7. Clause References

We now use Word’s indexes for clause referencing. This means you can trust that every reference will update should you need to add or remove a clause from the document.

8. Interview Comments

Reviewing a document is now even easier with comments showing you the answers provided by your client. 

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