Doors open to the Automio Marketplace

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Starting next week, Automio law firm customers can use a range of popular Australian and NZ legal bots for free.

We are partnering with innovative law firms to offer Automio customers free use of popular legal bots through Automio’s Marketplace.

A legal bot is a software robot that automates tasks carried out by lawyers, like interviewing a client to collect information and then preparing legal documents and advice for that client. Legal bots are used by lawyers to serve clients online.

What is the Automio Marketplace?

Lawyers can use the Automio Marketplace to create, buy, sell and resell legal bots. This is a revolutionary new way of trading and leveraging intellectual property that our law firm customers and the Automio community are extremely excited about.

How does it work?

A lawyer can build a legal bot using Automio within a few hours. Automio customers can build as many legal bots as they like – there is no limit.

Legal bots can be sold by the lawyers who own them to other lawyers in the Automio Marketplace. Lawyer 1 sells a legal bot to lawyer 2, and then lawyer 2 uses that legal bot to serve her clients online (this is called reselling). Lawyer 2 gives lawyer 1 a fee each time the legal bot is used to serve a client.

This collaborative platform lets lawyers tap into the expertise of other lawyers. It also gives lawyers the means to leverage their valuable, unique intellectual property. We will soon open the Marketplace to the public to purchase legal documents and advice.

Next week we’ll invite customers to the Automio Marketplace where they can use our partners’ legal bots for free. Automio customers can use these legal bots to:

  • create customised documents for clients
  • serve clients online
  • sell online legal solutions 

Customers using the free legal bots will provide feedback to the bot owner about the quality of each bot used. Feedback will be used by bot owners to improve their legal bots. Giving feedback is quick and easy – it takes less than 3 minutes.

Watch the Automio VIP Facebook Group for announcements next week about how to get access to the Marketplace. 

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