Empowering Lawyers to Empower Clients

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Seeing clients succeed, like really succeed, was a huge motivator for me as a lawyer.

I loved empowering my clients by making the legal world more accessible, easier to navigate and simpler to understand. I loved giving them the confidence they needed to go forth and make their dream a reality.

But that confidence wasn’t something I could deliver using a traditional approach to legal services. At least, not at scale.

Empowering your clients in a traditional legal setting takes time. It takes hand holding, admin, and plenty of grunt work. And all of that means dealing with a smaller client base, or sacrificing your lifestyle or growth to cope with the demand.

Yes, you can replace some of that grunt work with a dedicated team delivering an excellent client experience, but that just means more overheads. Isn’t it just better to use tech? I mean, modern consumer expectations point to a digital-first, automated approach to services anyway, and the delivery of legal services should be no exception.

Many of the customers I work with talk about the same love of client empowerment. Across many different industries, my customers are delivering effective and accessible legal work for unique groups of clients. They’re enabling those clients to build some incredible businesses, innovative services and future-focused experiences for the end user. Knowing they have legal backing provided by an innovative lawyer propels them forward, and makes the unknown seem, well, less intimidating.

I talk a lot about revolutionising the legal industry with automation and education, so that law firm owners can scale their business without sacrificing their lifestyle. But I talk a whole lot less about what this means for their customers.

Revolutionising the legal industry is as much about enabling the individuals and businesses of tomorrow to innovate and grow. As law firm owner, Rachel Triplow of aRc Legal put it recently, ‘we do the boring stuff, so they can be amazing’.

Let me help you automate the boring stuff, so you can be amazing. The revolution is waiting.

Let's scale your law firm with ease