Stop leaving money on the table and start getting new clients for your law firm

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Okay entrepreneurial lawyers, quick question…

If I said I could give you a  steady stream of potential clients, pre-qualified and in need of the kind of legal expertise you specialise in, without you having to lift a finger day-to-day to keep the referrals coming in – who’d be keen? 

That’s exactly what Lead Bots do – and it drives me bonkers that most lawyers are leaving money on the table by ignoring this simple, low-cost, highly-effective and efficient method of attracting new clients!

A Lead Generation Bot set me on the path to a million-dollar law firm

Why am I so gung-ho about this? It was a Lead Bot that – pretty much literally – saved my online law firm and set me on my path to becoming a million-dollar lawyer. 

When I set up Legal Beagle I got some great launch publicity – and all the journalists agreed, I had a winner on my hands. An awesome new idea, a cool website and the legal nous to back it up. I waited for shit to happen. 

And waited. And waited. And waited. For nearly two long, frustrating years I didn’t get a single new client! And then I discovered how amazing Lead Bots could be. 

(Okay, in fairness, it didn’t happen quite as effortlessly as that. For most of those two years I searched relentlessly for the missing piece of the puzzle. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and talked to anyone I thought could help me; legal tech companies, law firm coaches, consultants, digital marketing experts. I learned how important automation was. I searched for automation software that could do everything I needed. When I couldn’t find it I brought together a team that could work with me to develop something specifically for law firms. THEN I discovered how amazing Lead Bots could be).

What IS a Lead Bot?

Someone says bot and we automatically think of a cute Wal-E or R2-D2 type robot whizzing around. A Lead Generation Bot is less cheeky but to my thinking infinitely more helpful for entrepreneurial lawyers. It’s a clever piece of software that you use to create an online Lead Magnet – the tool which automatically generates leads (potential ideal clients) for your law firm.

We see Lead Magnets every time we’re online. They’re the paid-for content that tempts us to click and engage. The Lead Magnets at the top of my list (because of how engaging they are and because they consistently work) are online quizzes and questionnaires.

You know the kind of thing; Are You Ready to Retire? The Ultimate Small Business Checklist. What Breed of Dog are You? 

The “Lead” engages with the “Magnet” and, in return for handing over their details, automatically receives back some useful information (a report, a checklist, a how-to guide) and a call to action to find out more about how you can help them.

Automation is vital to seven-figure law firms

The key word in that last sentence is automatically. Automation is the number one essential ingredient for scalability.

When you have a law firm that can literally sell your legal expertise to your ideal clients, anywhere, anytime – without many, if any, manual hours of work required to complete each job – you can have a massive client base.

The more clients you have, the more your revenue grows. Suddenly a seven-figure law firm becomes a reality.

Attract stacks of potential new clients, automatically

To have a lot of clients, you need to generate a lot of leads. Even the best sales system in the world, selling the best legal solution possible, won’t convert every lead into a paying customer.

The lawyers I work with are following in my footsteps and using Lead Generation Bots to create online lead magnets and find scores of potential new clients for their sales’ funnels.

Here’s a couple of examples of lawyers who have smashed it using our Lead Bot. 

Tompkins Wake used a Lead Bot to generate 110 new client leads for their AdviSME brand in one month. They did this by creating a Business Health Check lead magnet that identified legal risks in potential ideal client’s businesses.

Layburn Hodgins used a Lead Bot to create an Immigration Assessment lead magnet. They asked individuals applying for New Zealand Visas and Kiwi employers hiring foreign workers a series of questions. The answers were forwarded to Layburn Hodgins lawyers who provided a free assessment of their visa eligibility. This lead magnet generated 99 new customer leads in 1 week. 

Get with the times

Think about your life – how many ways has it been improved or simplified by technology? When did you last go to the bank or write a cheque and post it off to a supplier? Speaking of posting things – how often do you do that when you need to send information to someone? What about long-distance phone calls? Online banking, emails, video conferencing – there are hundreds of examples of how we take advantage of technology every day. Using a Lead Generation Bot is just one more way technology simplifies tasks that traditionally took up more time and energy. 

Relying on old-school methods of recruiting potential new clients might work in traditional law firms, where the lumbering pace of incremental growth means referrals, networking and waiting for clients to come to you is enough to satisfy the partners. 

But as an entrepreneurial lawyer, you’re operating in a brave new world. You need to find a lot of potential leads so that you can scale to become a seven figure law firm. Lead generation software enables you to do this quickly and easily and cost effectively. 

One goal – making you more money

Finding new potential clients for your law firm is one of the three key ways our Automio software achieves its one mission – making it easier for lawyers to make more money (the other two are automating repetitive tasks to save you time and money and enabling you to sell your legal expertise online – but more about them another time).

Like all our software, Automio’s Lead Generation Bots is beyond simple to use. You don’t need to write code or learn a fancy programming language – you just draw on the screen with your finger or mouse (seriously – even the most technically backward, old school law firm partner could do it!).

Learn more about landing new ideal clients

Using a Lead Bot is a super-effective way of landing new clients for your law firm. If you want to keep your revenue rolling over, and have a steady supply of ideal clients, then register for my upcoming FREE webinar 5 Reasons Your Law Firm’s Website Sucks And How To Fix It To Get 5 – 10 New Clients A Day.

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