I’ve found your perfect law firm coach – me!

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I’ve got some super-exciting Automio news to share.

As of right now, Automio is the first legal tech company IN. THE. WORLD! to be packaging our kick-ass software with the blueprint and coaching you need to create a seven figure law firm. 

I learned back in my lawyer days that finding the right software to help you grow your firm was only part of the battle. 

You can put a bunch of legal documents online or deploy the coolest legal bots around but without a strategic plan that looks at your law firm in its entirety – like your firm’s culture and your marketing, sales and delivery systems – you’re probably going to fail to grow. I should know. That’s exactly what I did. 

The right strategic plan is absolutely essential for any entrepreneurial lawyers wanting to build a successful, scalable law firm that leverages the awesomeness of automation technology. 

Automio’s new training programme will show you exactly how to develop a strategic plan that is going to use technology to solve real problems for your clients…and help you to drive revenue growth. 

For any newbies out there, let me take you back 7 years to when I launched my online legal service, Legal Beagle. Back then legal tech and online law firms were pretty rare so when we went live, loads of people got really excited. There were articles and social media buzz. People said it was going to be huge! 

So imagine my surprise as I watched month after month for a year and a half, as no new clients came onboard. Yep, you read that right, ZERO! 

But you know what? That terrible, miserable, anxiety provoking 18-months, and the few years following it, were in many ways the making of Automio. 

I spent my time researching, designing, testing, tweaking and perfecting my Scale Up Framework to create a strategic plan that would assure my success. 

It worked. I scaled up to become a seven figure firm. The success of Legal Beagle set me up so I could develop Automio. Right from the beginning I knew that if I truly wanted to help other lawyers succeed, I needed to not only give them the tech they wanted, but also show them how to build a successful firm around it.  

As Automio has grown so has our understanding of just how pivotal this training is. All around the world I see smart, savvy lawyers failing to get results with automation (as in more revenue, profit and clients) because they don’t have the right blueprint behind it. 

I know from first-hand experience and from helping other lawyers over the past two years, that we have the right blueprint to get results and I want to share it with you. 

I will guide you through the Scale Up Framework I designed and used to successfully scale my law firm, and that I’m using now to scale Automio. Then I’ll show you how to develop and implement your own game plan using these tools.  

My coaching will get you to think about who your clients are (or rather should be) so you can solve a real problem for them using your expertise combined with automation. So that you can see the results and get quick ROI on your investment. Like the quick results this customer is getting using our new training and Automio:

I’ll help you understand how automation can improve your marketing, sales and legal services delivery systems so that you can blow your clients out of the water. 

Let's scale your law firm with ease