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One of the challenges law firm owners have in growing their firms, is finding the time to work on their business.

So when you do find that time, it’s important you make it count.

Today, I’m going to give you one of my best productivity tips to make that happen.

This quick tip (honestly, it’s so simple) was a game changer for me when I was growing my law firm.

I’d make the time to work on growing the business, but then I’d spend a lot of that time just trying to figure out what the hell I even wanted to do.

I learned the best way to make the most of that time was to put a structure in place in advance.

Watch the video below to learn my simple hack that focused my thinking and supercharged the growth of my firm.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • A great way to make sure you work on your firm each week
  • How to plan for that time so you can hit the ground running
  • What I mean when I say Package Your Time
  • My two-minute tip that saves you hours in lost productivity

This is especially relevant for those law firm owners who have lots of ideas for their firms, but can struggle to figure out how to implement them.

So watch the video, and email me if you want help finding, or maximising the time to grow your law firm each week. I’ll arrange a free 45 minute Strategy Session to help you supercharge your productivity and really start growing your firm.

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I want to share with you a super amazing productivity technique for lawyers who are scaling their law firms and designing, building, and selling online legal solutions.

Last week, I was creating a super powerful training called “Planning your perfect week” for my Scale Uppers. And Scale Uppers is the name that I give to the entrepreneurial lawyers who are on my 12 month online Mastermind Program for entrepreneurial lawyers wanting to scale their law firms from six figures to seven figures in revenue by selling online legal solutions.

One of the techniques that I included in that super powerful workshop is called Packaging Your Time. That’s what this is about.

First, I’ll give you a bit of background from when I was lawyering and working on scaling my law firm with my online legal solution. On a Sunday night, I used to plan out my week. I would always block some time for what I called “Work on law firm, not in law firm.”

What would happen nearly every week is I would be working away and then a notification would pop up to remind me to work on my law firm. And I would start freaking out because I wouldn’t know what to work on. I knew that there were all these things that I was working on, or wanted to work on, but it all just seemed way too hard basket.

And as a result, I would just carry on doing my legal work; drafting contracts, calling back clients, emailing clients and all those things that you do as part of your daily lawyer life. And what happened is after a while, I realised that I wasn’t making as much progress with growing my business as I wanted.

I realised that I needed to supercharge my productivity. And what I did is I started packaging the details.

What that means is, in my calendar invite that I would put into my calendar at the start of every week to block time out during the week to work on my law firm, I would first decide what exactly I wanted to work on that week, because there were obviously a number I could have focused on.

So I’d pick which thing I wanted to work on, and then I would set out step by step, what I needed to do to get the result that I wanted in that block of time. I’d break it down to anything between five to 10 steps.

And then – and this is the game-changing bit – I would link to all the resources that I needed to refer to underneath those steps.

For example, if you’re working towards designing your online legal solution, and you’re trying to work out what to include, whether it’s a bot, or coaching, or one-on-one, or videos and guides…whatever it is that you’ve got in your head about what might be in your online legal solution and the design of it, then you would lay it out step by step. Include what it is that you need to do, and then underneath you would link to the resources that you need.

If you’d read a super helpful article about how to price your online legal solution, then you’d link it. If you had emailed back and forth with a colleague, or a mentor, or a coach about what to include in your online legal solution, then link to those emails. If you’d recently done a webinar training on how to design your online legal solution, then link to that video replay.

So what happens is, when it comes to the day that the notification pops up for you to work on your law firm, then you’ve got a step by step program of what to do with all the resources that you need. So there can be no excuses as to why you shouldn’t be working on your law firm instead of in it.

This small tip has supercharged the productivity of many lawyers that I know and that I’ve worked with.

If you’re interested in scaling a law firm, or building, designing and selling online legal solutions and learning about how to do the marketing around that, then there’s plenty more for you to discover over in my Savvy Lawyers Facebook group.

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