What is your law firm offering? (+ join my 5 day challenge!)

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Do you look at the law firms that are crushing it in the online world and wonder how they’re doing it?

It might look like these firms are growing fast because of their fancy websites, but the reality is there are a few key levers these firms are pulling to achieve that success.

To be successful with selling online legal solutions, your firm needs to be pulling these key levers too.

Today I want to talk about the #1 most important thing you need to get right to scale your law firm: your firm’s online offer.

What do I mean by an online offer? This is the online legal solution you are offering on your firm’s website to existing clients and potential clients. To read more about what online legal solutions are and why they’re infinitely more scalable than traditional legal services, click here and here.

A problem I see all the time is law firms creating their online offer by automating a few documents they think their clients might buy —> this is the extent of the thought and planning that goes into their online offer. This is a HUGE wasted opportunity.

Your firm’s online offer is more important than the layout of your website, the copy on your website, the size of your mailing list and the quality of your Facebook ads.

Why is the right online offer so important?

  • The right online offer will add an extra 6 figures or more to your revenue in the next 12 months – instead of feeling frustrated because your attempts at selling your online legal solution aren’t working. Without the right online offer your firm will struggle to get the ROI you want to achieve and hit your revenue goals.
  • The right offer will put you back in control of your lawyer life – the right online offer isn’t only about what your clients want, it is also about what you’re super good at and enjoy doing. I see too many law firms creating online legal solutions that don’t play to their strengths and passions at all. The right online offer will combine your unique skill set with your target client’s biggest pain point. This is the best way to reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety so that you can enjoy your lawyer life.
  • The right online offer will stop you from playing small – again, I see this all the time with law firms that sell online legal solutions that are too hard to implement, or too hard to explain to their clients, or they’re selling too many different online legal solutions, or they’re targeting too many different types of clients, or their online offer is way too cheap. So when they’re not immediately successful with selling their online legal solution, these law firm owners give up and revert back to continuing to selling legal services the traditional way – exchanging hours for dollars. Which makes them miserable. If they’d just had the right online offer, they would be scaling their law firms like they initially set out to do.

Your online offer is at the heart of your law firm’s online success. This might mean you need to stop doing what you’ve been doing, and it might mean you need to start putting yourself out there more than you ever imagined. But when you find the right offer, everything will change.

Let's scale your law firm with ease