Scale Up Your Law Firm Today.

Scale-Up is the Strategy and Coaching Programme that will take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures.

You are going to grow your law firm to 7 figures.

Because you’ve got what it takes: awesome legal expertise, a growth mindset, a big vision….and you don’t give up.

But you’re not sure how to get there. Which means you could have years left of hustling and long hours ahead while you work it out.

We can show you the how, so you can get to 7 figures faster.


What you'll gain:

Scale Up is a programme for entrepreneurial lawyers who are determined to scale their law firms to 7 figures. In Scale Up you will build a law firm that gives you more:


Be #1 in your niche. Have a long-lasting impact on the lives of many, instead of just a few.


Earn revenue every day that isn’t tied to the number of hours you work. Scale your firm to 7 figures.


Design a strategic law firm that lets you live. Do the work you love for the clients you love. 

Why Claire Loves Scale Up.

We get a lot of questions from savvy lawyers wanting to learn more about our Scale Up program and are curious about who is attending the program and the results they are getting. So here you go… Meet Claire Endean. “We are now attracting new clients online which we haven’t really done before – acquiring new clients this way is easier and measurable compared with traditional marketing and networking activities.” – Claire Endean, Dawsons

The Scale Up philosophy:

To take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures you need:


To promote yourself so that potential clients connect with you and are inspired to take action.


To productise your valuable legal expertise and experience so you can scale your law firm.


To perform by consistently getting fabulous results for your clients.

Our coaching, materials, training and software are designed around these 3 tools to take your law firm from 6 figures to 7 figures.

How we'll get you there:

The Scale Up framework is personalised AND proven, and it will give you the steps to scale your law firm and revenue —sustainably. Our goal is to help you reach seven-figures by working hard once, doing less better, letting it be easy, figuring out who you are, and then doing it on purpose.


The Plan

We will give you the tools and resources you need to create Your Seven Figure Firm

The Tools

  • 12 month Firmsy Course
  • Scale Up Member Site 
  • Weekly Training 
  • 30-day challenges 
  • Sales scripts, email copy, Facebook ad cheat sheets, contracts, templates, spreadsheets

The Help

  • Onramp Course to nail your firm’s foundations
  • 1:1 calls with business coach George Zenon
  • Weekly Workshops
  • Private FB Community 
  • Group calls every week, including a mix of: 

What to expect in your first month:

In the first 4 weeks you will:

  • Your Ideal Client & Narrowing Your Niche
  • Welcome Call
  • Join the Community
  • Work Your Strengths
  • Your Perfect Week
  • Coaching Session with George
  • Make Your Model
  • Coaching Session with George
  • 1:1 Business coaching session with George Zenon to set your personalised 12 month roadmap

George is an award-winning Business Coach. Over the last 15 years, he has directly helped more than 370 business owners add over $184 Million in new revenue.


Join Scale Up this month, trial it for 30 days and if you decide it’s not for you, you can opt out and will be entitled to a full refund.

T&C: If, after completing the first 4 weeks of the Scale Up Onramp and after you have had your Strategy Session with the Scale Up Strategy Coach, you decide you do not wish to continue with Scale Up, you may cancel your subscription for a full refund. This guarantee is on the programme fee only, and your request to cancel must occur within 30 days from first payment date and in the manner set out in our T&Cs.

Our clients' results speak for themselves

customer results

Grew 4x as big in 6 months.

Emma Heuston has used automation to grow her business x4 in the last 6 months.

She saw incredible results, including:

  • Hitting her 12-month revenue goal in 6 months.
  • Growing her team from 1 to 4 in just 3 months.
  • With the business going so well, her partner quit his job to join.

Emma Heuston

The Remote Expert

customer results

Quadrupled her revenue projections after just 9 months.

Sian uses automation to provide solutions to clients in just two hours, where it used to take 12. Her value-based pricing model means she charges more for those solutions now – making more money in a sixth of the time.

She saw effective results, including:

  • Sian quadrupled her revenue projections after just nine months.
  • Sian runs two businesses in <40 hours a week.

Sian Wingate

Tradie Terms

Is Scale Up for you?

We are looking for a particular kind of lawyer, and you might be a fit. Here’s the criteria:



You want to be in a community with unapologetically ambitious female law firm owners (yes - woke male law firm owners are welcome!). Aspiring law firm owners are also welcome.


You’re over the male-dominated legal industry that has held us back as women for so many years.


You want to help build an army of entrepreneurial legal renegades changing how things are done around here.


You would love to increase your income to 7 figures within 3 years - because you know that building more wealth and power will help you to drive change in the legal industry.


You want to be part of a movement of lawyers building fierce firms that have flexible work hours and that welcome and embrace diversity.


You want to stop making traditional law firm decisions that are keeping you stuck and start making 7 figure law firm decisions.


You know that automation is about more than technology - it’s also about people and systems. It’s about building a profitable firm that doesn’t rely on you.


You do business. Not drama. You are kind, cool, and coachable.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then you’ll love Scale Up