Case Study: Simple Separation

Meet Christina Salvo. She built a highly successful business that helps people separate amicably.

The Challenge

Improving the separation process in in a different way that would work better for the client as well as all the professionals involved. The problem was that the concept wasn’t proven, she had no reliable way to generate clients and she was often working all day and night as she had no team members.

The Solution

Christina joined our Law Firm Digital Transformation program and focused on building a reliable and consistent marketing machine to generate new clients, as well as building a solid network of other lawyers and professionals to help her facilitate every step of the separation process.

The Results

  • From start-up to seven figures in revenue within 8 months
  • Consistent and reliable streams of new clients
  • She has grown her team to 13
  • Clients love the experience

Christina went from $5k to $100k p/m helping clients separate amicably

Here’s what I can tell you about Christina: 

Christina is highly passionate and driven. She truly believes in her vision to provide a better way for people to separate. Above all, she is an implementer who is willing to take advice and act on it immediately. She is constantly tweaking and optimizing for improvements.

Not coming from a Legal background, she realised that she didn’t have all the answers herself, but didn’t need them. 

Christina has achieved such amazing results, because she is willing to invest heavily in herself as well as in her marketing. She uses a constant feedback loop of relevant data to ensure that she gets a positive ROI on everything she does – enabling her to grow and reinvest into her business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of legal entrepreneurs over the past few years on growing and digitalising their law firms, and I can tell you that the ones who do the best are always the best listeners.

Christina went from $5k to $100k p/m helping clients separate amicably

Here’s what Christina did:

  • Having gone through the process herself, Christina focused her marketing efforts on a target market that she felt were “just like her” – people wanting to separate amicably and without having to pay massive fees.
  • She developed all of her communications to address the specific perceived issues that this segment has with the separation process, and built a much simpler, streamlined and cost effective way to deliver services to them.
  • With our help, Christina became obsessed over her marketing data. On her website, she would test different versions of headlines, offers, copy and images – looking to see which iterations yielded the most enquiries or opt-ins.
  • The same was done with her Google Ads and other marketing campaigns, providing a tonne of relevant information. This allowed Christina to test her campaigns in a small way (often with ~$20/day spend), validating that they would be successful upfront. This provided the confidence needed to then roll out the campaign in a much larger capacity
  • She also focused on building a streamlined and highly efficient structure to deliver results in all aspects to her clients.

Did it work?: Yes – here are Christina’s results:

  • Christina went from start up to generating seven figures in revenue within 8 months – and now consistently has seven figure revenue MONTHS
  • Her marketing generates a consistent and reliable stream of new clients that WANT to work with her business.
  • She has grown her team to 13, allowing her to focus on business development as well as spend more time with her kids.
  • Her delivery methodology to clients are streamlined and highly efficient – more importantly clients LOVE the experience.

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