How Any Lawyer Can Create Their Own Lawyer Bot

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Billy Bot, Robot Lawyer Lisa, DoNotPay – these are a few of the cool bots out there that give legal help. But many lawyers don’t know what a bot is, and often those who do don’t realise how easy and affordable it is to create their very own lawyer bots to help them provide legal services. If there is a part of your job as a lawyer that doesn’t add value to your clients, why not build a bot to do it for you. That way you can focus on being a trusted adviser to your clients.

So what exactly is a bot?

A bot is software that performs automated tasks over the internet, like setting an alarm or searching online. When people think of bots they often think of chat bots, but this is just one type of bot. You are using a bot when you order a pizza online without talking to a human. One of the most famous bots is Siri.

What is a lawyer bot?

A lawyer bot is software that does automated tasks usually carried out by lawyers. Lawyers can use lawyer bots to do lawyers’ work and provide a better client experience by letting clients serve themselves online. A great way to get started using lawyer bots is creating a lawyer bot to interview clients for you and then creating instant, customised documents and contracts.

How can you build a lawyer bot?

You can create your very own lawyer bot all by yourself – it’s so much easier and cheaper than you think. You don’t need any IT experience to create a lawyer bot to interview your clients and create legal documents for them.

To create your lawyer bot using Automio, you build a “Flow” using our super easy point and click tools.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to write a Flow to create your very own lawyer bot:

How does your client interact with a lawyer bot?

Instead of coming to your office for a meeting, your client interacts with your lawyer bot by going to your website at a time convenient to them and answering the questions you’ve trained your lawyer bot to ask by way of an online interview.

At the end of the online interview your lawyer bot will notify you your client has completed the interview and that any documents you want prepared for the client have been prepared.

You can also train your lawyer bot to provide helpful information on different topics at relevant points during the online interview to assist your client with their answers.

You can see what an online interview is like by trying out our privacy policy bot by clicking here.

What if you want to use a lawyer bot but you don’t want to build it yourself?

You have a couple of options:

  1. Search our bot marketplace for lawyer bots created by other lawyers that you can buy and use.
  2. Pay an experienced bot builder to build a bot for you. Our bot builders can create a lawyer bot for you for $500 – $1,500 per bot depending on complexity.

Can you use a lawyer bot as an internal tool?

Yes you can. Lawyer bots are a great way to ensure your team members ask clients all the right questions and create legal documents of consistent quality.

Are lawyers really building their own interview bots?

Yes they are. We have over 400 users using interview bots they’ve either created themselves using Automio or bought in our bot marketplace.

Check out this video to see how New Zealand law firm Emma Stanley Law is using lawyer bots to spend more time on getting great results for their clients:

Using Automio lawyer bots for better client service

Emma Stanley Law takes a fresh and modern approach to the practice of law.  Based in Invercargill, New Zealand, Emma recognised that with Automio her team can automate the lower value tasks they do for clients so they can spend more time on adding value and being trusted advisers. 

You can also check out the following video to see how Australian law firm JHK Legal is using lawyer bots to create customised legal documents for their clients in seconds:

 Speeding up document creation and removing bottlenecks

JHK Legal is an innovative Australian law firm with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. JHK Legal use Automio lawyer bots to speed up document creation and remove bottlenecks caused by document review.

If you’d like to get a demo of Automio to see how you can build your very own lawyer bot, you can sign up here.

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