5 mistakes law firm owners make (and how to avoid them)

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When you’re growing a law firm, it’s only natural that you’ll make mistakes.

I certainly made my fair share as I grew my law firm.

The problem is, those mistakes can end up costing you millions of dollars.

And, you can be making mistakes for years before you realise it, leaving all that revenue on the table.

Today I’m going to help you to avoid some of the common mistakes that law firm owners make.

Watch this video to find out:

  1. The 5 biggest mistakes I made when growing my law firm (and how much they cost me)
  2. Why you should target fewer clients
  3. How to deal the parts of your job you don’t enjoy
  4. The proper way to outsource and establish partnerships
  5. The business metrics you need to know

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes.

But instead of trying to fix them afterwards, get ahead of them. Grow your firm faster, better and without unnecessary headaches.

Once you’ve watched the video, book a demo with our team to see how Firmsy can help you avoid these mistakes.

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