Case Study:
Powerhouse Law Australia

Meet Chadi Irani – he owns a law firm in Sydney called Powerhouse Law Australia.

The Challenge

Chadi already had a busy and successful law firm, so he wanted to leverage his time by launching an Online Legal Solution that clients could purchase and use – with no input required from Chadi.

The Solution

Joined our Coaching Program to create an Online Legal Solution to help drivers in NSW dispute in court any fines or penalties they received which could potentially lead to a loss of their driver’s license.

The Results

  • In the last year Chadi has made 888 sales of his new Online Legal Solution
  • This resulted in an extra $90k of revenue with no time input from Chadi
  • 50% of people who buy Chadi’s automated online legal solution convert into being a private fee paying client.

Here’s what happened:

  • With our Narrow Your Niche training, Chadi was able to define and target a specific niche, with a specific problem.
  • Chadi used our Signature Solution system to design and build his Online Legal Solution from end to end and deliver it to clients in a completely automated way.
  • He used our Tell Your Target system build out and launch an entire online marketing campaign, including the strategy as well as specific messaging and copy to use in his ads and landing pages.

Did it work? Yes – Chadi launched his new Online Legal Solution to great success and over time has streamlined his Client Journey even further.

  • In the last year, Chadi made 888 sales of his new Online Legal Solution, adding $89K in new and leveraged revenue for his law firm in the last 12 months
  • 50% of people who buy it convert into being a private fee paying client
  • He is receiving raving feedback from these clients about their results, many of which saved their license or get their penalties drastically reduced.

Chadi joined our Coaching Program and made $89K in new and leveraged revenue with his Online Legal Solution, and converted 50% of those to private fee paying clients.

Here’s what I can tell you about Chadi:

Chadi felt he had found a gap in the market and had a strong idea to create an Online Legal Solution, but didn’t know how to go about building it. He had spoken to numerous other coaches and legal technologists in the past but nothing had eventuated from their efforts.

Nonetheless, Chadi was highly determined to make it work and made the leap to work with Claudia and the Firmsy team as part of our coaching program. 

Chadi’s results are impressive, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. As part of any launch process, his Online Legal Solution was tweaked and optimised, as was his pricing, messaging and offer. Chadi stuck through the ups and downs and trusted the process, and he listened to advice and took action quickly. We are very proud of him!

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